What we can do for you

We support your business strategy with viable digital solutions. Our business is to make your business stand out in the digital landscape of your market and against your competitors.

We are firm believers in cost efficiency. But we are also acutely aware that CE comes in many forms, so don't expect us to always deliver the cheapest solution. We deliver the right solution at a minimal cost. This is achieved through our setup with consultants in both Denmark and Romania working side by side to solve your task


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You really can't call yourself a digital consultancy without being able to deliver apps, can you?

At Steuerhaus we deliver both native iOS and Android apps. And we have all the server modules you need to keep your app alive and up-to-date for your audience.

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We know what it takes and we have the boldness to establish a strategic platform deep inside organizations. We have vast experience in business systems integration and the other magic tools it takes to build a one-point-of-entry system that is a key requirement for an intranet to succeed.

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We have years and years of experience building, maintaining and supplying end-user support for corporate internet portals. We are in contact with clients in 16 different European countries on a daily basis, driving their online presence forward

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All organizations need them. All companies have them. And we have done our share of websites on various CMS. We are often subcontracted by creative agencies to provide the technical part of their website projects. This includes campaign sites, medium-size corporate websites – or something else we hadn't even thought of before the phone rang.

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Application Development

Sometimes you just need these 20% extra that you can't get with any off-the-shelf product.

That's when you need a consultant to build the application that fits your needs. At Steuerhaus we have senior software architects with more than 15 years of experience in building complex solutions for well-managed businesses.

Jack of all trades?

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We 'crowd' source to develop the right idea

We don't claim to be a so-called full-service consultancy. Our focus is on digital development and strategy. That's why we team up with some of the best in the business when it comes to engaging UX design as well as content strategy and creatives concepts.

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Content development

We produce engaging content that is easily shared and socialized. We offer video production, brand storytelling, motions graphics, animations, photography and brand content through our extensive network of content providers.

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Engaging digital design

Team us up with your preferred design partner or let us introduce you to our preferred design partner: BIGGER, a Copenhagen-based design studio, delivering a wide range of solutions in web, interface, icon, iPhone, iPad and Android design